I added a new update (1.0.28-1.0.29) and the FULL install of Version 1.0.29 (11-03-2022)


I am releasing all of my newest creations under the name "Spectra".

See what's here now and what's coming next month and even next year.

I released the Standalone version of "Theme Builder" today (11-15-2022)

Spectra Gallery

Available Now

A full-featured image gallery with MySQL support, themes, member accounts, admin dashboard, designers dashboard, theme builder, and lots more. Follow the link above and visit the demo site to learn more.

CMS Spectra

Available Now

A complete Content Management System/Blog. Follow the link above to learn more and download your free FULL install. This build also comes with a version updater that is used to install new version updates. You won't have to download and install the FULL version each time I release something new.

Spectra Mini-Blog

(Coming Soon)

A smaller version of CMS Spectra. To be released during the month of Nov/Dec 2022.

I designed Mini-Blog for those who don't need all of the tools that come with CMS Spectra FULL. The modules and most of the plugins have been removed. I left the themes, new member registration, and all of the assets for you to use in managing a complete blogging site.


Spectra Remake

A complete theming system for RavenNuke CMS

(look for it next year 2023)

I did a lot of work on this project a couple of years back but now when I release it again it will have database support and its own dashboard where themes can be designed.

Spectra Theme Builder (standalone)

Available Now

To be released in the month of Nov/Dec 2022.

A standalone theme designing system for CMS Spectra, Spectra Mini-Blog, and Spectra Mini-Mod. Spectra Theme Builder comes packaged with both CMS Spectra and Spectra Mini-Blog. But to keep from having to add images to those builds it's better to have this standalone version to use with theme creation. It's fast and easy when building a theme and then packaging the theme up for sharing.

Spectra Mini-Mod

(Coming Soon)

Look for this release during the month of Nov/Dec 2022.

This is the standalone version. Mini-Mod comes packaged with CMS Spectra FULL version. It has limitless uses that range from displaying videos, image galleries, news, and any other content that you want to add. You can see it here where I am using Mini-Mod to display my How-To Videos. It comes with a Designers Dashboard, Administrators Dashboard, new member registration, database tools, themes, and the powerful Theme Builder.


Spectra "Downloads Suite" (standalone)

(Coming Soon)

Demo Site

This module can be run from an HTML5 website using the 'include' function. A demo is also provided for you to play with.

This is the standalone version. Downloads Suite comes packaged with CMS Spectra FULL version and can be used on almost any website that has PHP and MySQL support. It's easy to get up and running. When it is available, you will be able to download it and place it on your website, run the installer and you are ready to build your downloads.

It comes with a secure dashboard for you to go to and configure and build an unlimited number of downloads pages and file downloads. It supports member registration if the admin activates it.

I also added a registration block and a download statistics block. They can both be placed on an HTML5 page using the 'include' function.



Spectra Carousel

(Coming Dec 2022)

Add as many cards to the Carousel as you want. Pictures, text, and more. Super easy to use and comes with its own dashboard where you can go to configure the module and also build cards.