Log of Events (3) 2022

Log of Events Page 3

What has been happening in the build

( 1-1-2022 -.... )

(1-7-2022) - About Me Page - The holidays are behind me now so I can once again concentrate on the build.  I designed an about me page builder. 

(1-19-2022) - Archives - Added the ability to archive articles and cards.  Also, built an archive block that is placed in either the left or right sidebar. When something is placed in the archive it is removed from the homepage and linked to from the archive block.

(2-1-2022) - Language Files - I have put this off long enough, so this week I plan on finishing the English language files for both the Designers and Administrators Dashboards.

(2-3-2022) - Failed Login Attempts - Added this to the admin dashboard.

(2-7-2022) - Downloads module - I finally spent some time today finishing up the downloads module.  It will show the number of downloads, the file size of the download, and it is supported by the MySQL database.  I also added a printable downloads log.

(2-12-2022) - Additional Features - I added some small features to the sidebar plugins.  Also, additional adjustments to the article positioning feature where the archived articles won't show.

(2-13-2022) - Languages - I started, in earnest, building the language support files.  I finished the user account and admin areas and have English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. I'll update this as I go.  I hope to finish the languages this week.

(2-14-2022) - Languages (continued) - This is turning into a big project and I think will last into next week.  I am addressing every item that needs to be added to the language files and with that and everything I have going around the house it is taking longer than expected.

(2-15-2022) - Languages (continued) - Added languages to the Root files.

(2-21-2022) - Languages (continued) - I found a few errors in some of the languages files over the weekend and corrected them.  I have to finish the language files for the Designers Dashboard and then I see no reason I can't release CMS Spectra beta to the public. Hopefully in March.

(2-27-2022) - Adding new languages to Spectra - I designed a language template that can be edited and saved from the designer's dashboard.  Admins will be able to create new languages by editing the language files. It is a long process editing a language file if using Google Translate as I have done but for someone who speaks the language that they are adding it's pretty simple.

(3-2-2022) - Language Files - I finally finished all of the language files.  In total there are four sets.  One for the Users Account, one for the Admin Dashboard area, one for all core files, and one for the Designers Dashboard.  All sets except for the Designers Dashboard are in English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.  The Designers Dashboard english.php file has 1305 lines in it. So that will take longer to translate. But I am still planning on a 1 April 2020 release date of the beta version.

(3-4-2022) - French Language file - I completed the french language file today and have checked it for errors.  All of the language files are created using Google Translate so any of them may not seem perfect to someone who actually speaks the language.  I have German, Russian, and Spanish to finish.  Hopefully, I will finish up next week.

(3-23-2022) - Language files (finished) - I am completing the last of the language files today.  The completed language files are English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish.  I also added the ability for the admin to select their language during the initial install and it can be changed at any time in the Designers Dashboard.

(3-23-2022) - META tags - Added META tags to the page builder to help with search engine indexing.

(3-30-2022) - Released CMS Spectra version 0.52 Beta.

** See the changelog for future bug fixes and new enhancements.