Changelog Version 1+

Changelog for Spectra bug fixes and new enhancements

Changelog entries prior to the version 1 release can be found here.

1-0-32 (PHP 8.2.1)

1-12-2023: Added the option to create the pagination style. Build unlimited styles.

1-9-2023: Did some work on the drag-and-drop repositioning of the content items. Articles, sidebars, cards ...

1-5-2023: Added the option of backing up the entire Spectra website.

12-28-2022: Corrected the menu colors when previewing themes from the designer's dashboard.

12-22-2022: Enhanced the Login/Registration pages editor. The pages can now be styled in real-time. Preview the pages as they are being styled.

12-20-2022: Further enhanced HTML5 theme features.
-- When the HTML5 template is chosen the admin can now upload the theme folder from inside the dashboard. I also added a log to check the status of the uploaded folder.
-- Admin can edit the HTML5 index.html page from inside the dashboard and add snippets.

12-5-2022: Altered the sidebar blocks to integrate html5 themes. Added the option of showing the title or not, and using background image or gradient/solid colors.
(core/designer/sidebar.php, sidebars.php, sidebarbuilder.php, sidebar-content, savesidebar).
Also added 5 new variables
alter table `sidebars`
add  `whichback` tinytext,
add  `showtitle` tinytext,
add  `backimage` tinytext,
add  `firstcolor` varchar(7),
add  `secondcolor` varchar(7);

12-4-2022: Started integrating html5 theme use into the build. The admin will be able to choose to use one as a template choice in "General Website Configuration".

12-4-2022: Added the option of using an HTML5 theme as the homepage. Adds a new variable and alters the table `website` (alter table `website` add `htmlname` tinytext;) in (core/designer/website.php and designer/helpers/website.php)

11-26-2022: Corrected an error where I failed to add `date` datetime NOT NULL DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, to spectra.sql

11-20-2022: Corrected an error. When the menu is placed above the logo and a page was viewed, the page was drawn to the top covering the menu.

11-18-2022: Added the option of choosing either a background image or gradient color for the downloads menu cards.

11-18-2022: Updated the language files in core/designer/lang/


1.0.30 (PHP 8.1.12)

11-15-2022: Add a link to the downloads suite menu.

11-10-2022: Corrected an alignment issue in core/preview/articles.php and theme.php.

11-9-2022: Added date/timestamp to downloads suite to record the date that downloads are added.

11-9-2022: Enchacements to Mini-Mod. Choose between Left, Right, or Top menu.


1.0.29 (PHP 8.1.12)

11-3-2022: Corrected the admin and updater files where the footer and background images weren't showing. core/admin/footer.php and core/admin/updater/

10-31-2022: Replaced the menu links with cards to the downloads menu and now can add a background image for links.

10-22-2022: Minor change (but important) to "Mini-Mod". An error in closing </td></tr></table> caused the homepage to lose alignment when the right sidebar menu was used. (core/modules/minimod/index.php)

10-22-2022: Error in the "Sidemenu Element". The side menu position wasn't recognized when the background image/color choice was set to "None". (core/plugins/sidemenu/index.php)

10-22-2022: Added an <br> at the bottom of the articles to add space. (core/builders/articles.php)


1.0.28 (PHP 8.1.11)

10-19-2022: Further enhanced the "Sidemenu Element" template to add either a gradient color or image to the background.


1.0.27 (PHP 8.1.11)

10-18-2022: Added a new template to the build (Sidemenu Element).

1.0.26 (PHP 8.1.11)

10-17-2022: Corrected a minor language error in core/designer/downloadsall.php (updated all language files also).

• Minor change in two files. The header image was not showing. (core/builders/album.php and gallery.php)

• Corrected an issue where the header was opening the wrong file changed require_once 'menu.php'; to require_once '../megamenu/index.php';. (core/preview/header.php)

• Added the option of placing a Font Awesome icon in the Downloads Pages menu (2 new variables in the `galleries` table `faicon` and `faiconcolor`).

• Added a new language (latin).

10-14-2022: Added a new module (Mini-Mod) and it can be used with all templates except Floating Blocks Page, Gallery, and Compact Articles because those are specialized. It can be used at the top or bottom of the articles or in either the Left or Right sidebar. Mini-Mod has its own menu either Dropdown or placed on the Right Side, both scroll. The number of pages you can add to this module is unlimited.

10-13-2022: Added the option of placing a Font Awesome icon in the Downloads Pages menu (2 new variables in the `galleries` table `faicon` and `faiconcolor`).


1.0.25 (PHP 8.1.11)

10-10-2022: Added SEO support for Spectra Gallery.

10-10-2022: Made improvements to Spectra Gallery. Added an Album page with cards to click and access the gallery. This corrects an error identified during my last Semrush audit.

10-9-2022: Corrected two very minor spacing issues in the Designers Dashboard menu bar. (core/designer/menu/index.php)

10-9-2022: Added Social Sharing and information about SSL to the Designers Dashboard Overview page (core/designer/index.php)

10-9-2022: Corrected an error in the Preview Themes feature that showed the wrong menu bar color.


1.0.24 (PHP 8.1.11)

10-5-2022: Finished the Downloads Suite.

10-3-2022: Added pages to the Downloads Suite. Admins can now build as many download pages as they need and add an unlimited amount of files to each page. When adding download files to the system the page can be chosen in the downloads builder. The files will automatically appear on the page they are assigned to.


1.0.23 (PHP8.1.11)

- this update concentrated on the Downloads Suite

9-30-2022: Corrected some minor errors.

9-30-2022: Corrected a column width number (column5 and column6) in the themes/columns.min.css that affected the downloads modules spacing when 'number modules to show' was set to 5 (20%) or 6 (16.6%)

9-30-2022: Added archives to the downloads suite.

9-30-2022: Added the ability to set the downloads module height.

9-30-2022: Added the option to archive downloads.


1.0.22 (PHP 8.1.11)

9-28-2022: Changed 1 variable in sys/chat.php

9-28-2022: Changed the variable `mainbodyimg` varchar(55) increased the storage from (7) to (55).

9-28-2022: Corrected 2 errors in variables sys/rightsidebar.php and sys/leftsidebar.php

9-26-2022: Corrected a language error in core/designers/articlebuilder.php _METATAGS should be _META_TAGS (line 188)

9-25-2022: Corrected an error in the users block where 'number of visitors on site' didn't show when logged in.

9-24-2022: Updated the pagination feature so that when a page number is clicked the page of articles opens without sidebars or any other plugins, modules, etc.


1.0.21 (PHP 8.1.10)

9-24-2022: Improved the version updater. This feature will prove to be useful in the future. Users will no longer have to download the FULL edition just to upgrade.


1.0.20 (PHP 8.1.10)

9-20-2022: Updater - I finished coding and testing the new version updater. It will be offered for download separately from Spectra.

9-20-2022: Themes - add the ability for the admin to set a different theme for the Administrators Dashboard.

9-18-2022: Downloads: Added the ability to set the number of download modules to display in a row/column (between 2-6). Also, now, content can be added to the header, for example, messages or notices.
File changes (core/builders/downloads.php, core/designer/use_downloads.php, core/designer/helpers/downloads.php)


1.0.19 (PHP 8.1.10)

9-16-2022: Corrected the linking of articles when pagination is turned on. The subdomain wasn't being recognized. core/builders/pagination.php

9-16-2022: Moved the config.php file out of the root directory.

9-14-2022: Did some work on the language files and added them to the downloads.

9-13-2022: Added a new template "Compact Articles"

9-12-2022: Added Tiktok to social media.


1.0.18 (PHP 8.1.10)

9-11-2022: I missed some linking errors in the version 1.0.17 build and this release corrects them. I added both the FULL release and a Files Only release.


1.0.17 (PHP 8.1.10)

9-9-2022: Changes to the database files, language files, and other enhancements.

9-8-2022: Moved files out of the root directory and created a new folder "Preview". I had been wanting to do this for a while. This caused a lot of changes in the way things are linked.

8-29-2022: Added the option of using off-canvas sidebars to the One Plus template. Also, updated the how-to information. Languages files were also updated.

8-30-2022: Added option to use a background color in the Floating Blocks. Also added the ability for anyone reading a block on the index page to be able to resize it.

8-30-2022: Added a calculator to the designer's dashboard (Designers Tools) to assist in calculating the floating blocks.


1.0.16 (PHP 8.1.10)

8-23-2022: Added additional registration inquiries to the installer that affects the Forgot Password feature. Allows this feature to be active immediately after the install is complete.


8-12-2022: Removed some old variables out of the themes while I was coding the file themedata.php. I have updated all themes that are in the downloads area.

8-8-2022: Added a quick edits page (themedata.php) to allow for the themes variables to be edited directly. This is intended for theme designers to visually understand what the variables are and their values.



7-25-2022: Checked the language files for errors.

7-23-2022: Further tweaked code in certain files/pages to prevent direct linking. If a file/page address is typed into the browser address bar it will redirect to the homepage. This will help prevent 404 errors and other problems created when a page/file is missing, moved, or becomes obsolete. Searching via Google or the site's search engine works fine and pages can be accessed that way.



7-15-2022: Added image compressor to the designer's toolbox and social sharing page builder.



7-8-2022:  Added redirects to prevent direct access to files outside of the root directory.



7-6-2022:  Corrected an error in the cards module where the variable $title was wrong. Changed it to $cardtitle.
           -- (core/modules/cards/integrate.php)
           -- (core/designer/previewcard.php

7-7-2022:  Added the ability for the admin to delete multiple user accounts. These are accounts that have not been activated over a certain period of time.



7-4-2022:  Corrected a problem of a missing .css file in the side menu on the homepage.

7-4-2022:  Corrected an error found in the PHP error log 'File Not Found' in the 404.php file.
           -- Was created when someone tried to print a page or article that did not exist.
              --- Altered the file core/modules/google-search/google-search.php
7-3-2022:  Styled the pagination feature and added the option to show it at the top, bottom, or both. 1 (MySQL) rule added and 1 (PHP) variable.
(7-3) -- Added a new rule to the table 'website' and added the variable 'position_pagination'.
         --- alter table `website` add `position_pagination` tiny text;
(7-3) -- Altered 3 files:
          --- core/designer/helpers/website.php
          --- core/designer/website.php
          --- core/builders/pagination.php



6-29-2022: Corrected 2 minor typos
6-30-2022: Corrected the sys/footer.php file where the footer image wasn't showing properly. The active theme wasn't being called.



6-26-2022: Corrected a couple of minor typos.



6-25-2022: Additional enhancements to the overall code.


1.0.4 stable:

6-15-2022:  CORRECTED an error that was caused when a request was made for a page that doesn't exist. Send to 404 page now.
6-15-2022:  ADDED Designed a custom 404 page with a search feature.
6-13-2022:  Added the option of hiding the Chatroom button in the member's area if the chatroom is closed.


1.0.3 stable:

6-11-2022: ADDED Image upload size for Social Sharing is set to 300kb and restricted to .jpg, .png, .gif, and .jpeg


1.0.2 stable:

6-10-2022: ADDED Social Sharing Manager to the build. The admin will be able to manage all image uploads and delete the ones that may be questionable. The username and IP address of the member uploading the file is recorded for reference.


1.0.0 stable: I haven't had any errors in the PHP logs for a week so I'm labeling this as 1.0.0 stable.

5-25-2022: ADDED meta tags keywords and descriptions to the articles. They will show when the articles are opened in the preview window.
5-29-2022: ADDED social media support to the active members sharing page.
5-31-2022: ADDED a simple chatroom to the build.