Changelog (before Version 1) Print

These are the changelog entries prior to the version 1 release

0.84 RC1:

5-24-2022: ADDED optional information on the user's profile page (DOB, Location, Website, Bio). Users/members can now add a biography and choose to share or not share it with other members who are logged in to the site. Active members can see the list.

0.74 RC1:

5-20-2022: Upgraded to PHP version 8.1.6


0.64 RC1:

5-17-2022: ADDED - admin direct access to the downloads.
                   ROOT - downloads.php


0.62 RC1:

5-9-2022: CHANGED - replaced the header redirects with javascript redirects to prevent errors.
          -- sys/admin/accounts.php
5-9-2022: Enhancement - added users/visitors online feature to the Users block. Members/Admin can see only if logged in.
          -- core/builders/users.php, usersmysql.php
          DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `userson`;
          CREATE TABLE `userson` (
          `uvon` VARCHAR(32) PRIMARY KEY,
          `dt` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL
           ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
5-10-2022: Removed the About Me Page link from the menu.
          -- core/designer/menu/index.php and sidemenu.php
5-11-2022: Language error - corrected a language variable that prevented the plugins page from showing. Updated all language files.
          -- core/designer/plugins.php
5-12-2022: Added - a new template 'Floating Blocks Page'. I also added the admin editing feature to each block. Added the option of using sidebars.
          -- core/designer/floatingpage.php, floatingpageblockbuilder.php, floatingpages.php, floatingpage-config.php, floatingpage-howto.php
          -- core/templates/floatingblockspage.php
          -- core/plugins/fp-Lsidebar.php, fp-Rsidebar.php
          -- New additions to the database.
            DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `floatingpage`;
            CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `floatingpage` (
                `id` int UNSIGNED NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
                `fp_title` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
                `fp_content` blob,
                `fp_position` int(2),
                `fp_width` varchar(5),
                PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
            ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

            DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `config_fp`;
            CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `config_fp` (
              `id` int DEFAULT NULL,
              `fp_height` tinytext,
              `fp_sidebars` tinytext
            ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;

            INSERT INTO `config_fp` (`id`, `fp_height`, `fp_sidebars`) VALUES
            (NULL, '', '');
5-12-2022:  ERROR: Arrows were not showing in the Content Slider.
            -- core/modules/contentslider/contentslider.php
5-13-2022: Typos and language errors. Corrected some of each when changing the site language from English.


0.58 RC1: (released - 5-7-2022)

5-3-2022: REMOVED - the About Me page has been removed.

5-3-2022: Added date and time function to the theme.sql file.
          -- sys/admin/export.php

5-3-2022: ERROR - There was an error in the delete function where the file was deleted even if the option to cancel was chosen. Changed the method used to delete a file.
          -- sys/admin/tools.php

5-4-2022: NEW - Added title tag in all files in the admin dashboard, user account, and root files to aid SEO. Updated the language files.
          -- sys/admin (all files), sys/ (all files)and all ROOT files.

5-5-2022: ERROR - Found an error in the administrator's article file. There was the variable for standard articles c_text. I corrected the error.
          -- sys/builders/adminarticle.php

5-5-2022: ERROR - Warning was discovered in the index file "headers have already been sent" during login. It has been corrected.
          -- sys/index.php    

5-6-2022: ERROR - The variable '$title' in the carded content files had to be changed to 'cardtitle' because when the archived card was viewed the title wouldn't show. This was caused by the site name having the same variable. Several files were affected and also I changed the SQL to `cardtitle` tinytext;.
          -- (sys/cardedcomments.php), ((root) cards.php), (core/plugins/archive.php), (core/modules/cards/integrate.php), (core/designer/cardsall.php, cardbuilder.php, savecards.php, and card-content.php)
          -- Database changes: ALTER TABLE `card_content` ADD `cardtitle`, ALTER TABLE `card_content` DROP `title`;

5-6-2022: NEW - Added the ability to change the Metatags from the Designers Dashboard. There are no changes to the database.
          -- core/designer/metatags.php and core/builders/metatags.php


0.54 RC1:

4-5-2022:  Enhancements made to the about me module.  The about me feature will be removed in the next release because the same features are available in the standard page builder. (duplication)

4-8-2022:  Content Slider - fixed the 'admin direct edit feature' to go to the slide that is displayed on the homepage.
           -- core/plugins/contentslider.php
4-8-2022:  Content Slider - added this feature so that it can be displayed with a One Plus template at the bottom.
           -- core/designer/content-slider.php
4-8-2022:  Content Slider changed the menu face color setting to class="coltitlecolor".
           -- core/designer/slider-menu.php

4-16-2022: Cleaned up the plugins folder and moved the modules out and into the modules folder.  Also changed the links to the new locations.
           -- core/plugins ... core/modules ...core/builders/Lsidebar.php and Rsidebar.php
4-16-2022: Corrected a coding error in the user's header.php file that prevented the header background image from showing. (improper link - from ../../core - to ../core)
           -- sys/header.php
4-17-2022: Added the theme export feature. It lets admins download the themes .sql files so they can share them. The feature is located in the Administrators Dashboard/Database Tools.


4-22-2022: Added the theme import feature to the build.  Both the import/export features have been packaged together for download.  An installer is included to add a table to the database. Also, a README.html file is included that will offer instructions on how to get started.  The download is available now.

4-22-2022: Added the table themecode to the install .sql file. They were used during installation only.
           DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `themecode`;
           CREATE TABLE `themecode` (
          `id` varchar(11) DEFAULT NULL,
          `tempcode` mediumtext
           ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=latin1;
           INSERT INTO `themecode` (`id`, `tempcode`) VALUES (NULL, '');
           -- INSTALL/spectra.sql

4-23-2022: Changed the footer width to 100%.
           -- footer.php
4-23-2022: Removed the <br> out of the articles. Pushed the first article down the page by one line.
           -- core/builders/articles.php
4-24-2022: Removed an extra T from the content slide builder.
           -- core/designer/slidebuilder.php
4-26-2022: Added Caption Text Color to the gallery configuration.
           -- core/designer/gallery_config.php and core/designer/helpers/gallery_config.php
           -- ALTER TABLE `gallery_config` ADD `img_caption_color` varchar(7);
           -- INSTALL/spectra.sql     


0.52 Beta:
4-4-2022:  Fixed a header coding problem in the INSTALL folder that prevented the installation from succeeding.