Themes, Styles, and Templates


Themes and Templates

Working hand-in-hand


Themes give your website an attractive look and Templates and Layouts organize the content of your website. When they are all working together you get impressive results. 

The aim of Spectra is to give you the flexibility to choose.


The powerful theme builder allows you to edit themes and also build new ones.  No more files to edit or upload just open the theme builder and start creating.  Once you become comfortable with the settings you will be able to build a new theme in 5 minutes or less.  Don't like the look of something in your theme, go back and edit it at any time.



Are pre-made and completely change the layout to compliment your website's content.  Whether you have a small or very large website CMS Spectra can handle it.  Because your website has grown since you first set it up and you have added a lot more content, the layout you first chose may no longer display the content correctly or the way you want it to.  You can go in and change the layout at any time.

Templates and Layouts

- 1-column

- 1-column plus (using header video)

- 2-column left or right sidebars

- both sidebars on left or right

- 3-column

- 5-equal columns

- magazine

- newspaper

- media

- photo/image gallery

- carded content

- floating blocks

- compact articles

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